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Inseparable since 2020, Kamara and Kelsey have been creating together since before the company's launch in December 2022. Both have been creating since childhood and expanded their skills in post-secondary education. Kamara's non-stop creativity not only provides a wide range in products and services, but it also drives constant teaching and learning opportunities with Kelsey and anyone else who chooses to expand their creativity. Get inspired, learn something new, fine-tune hobbies, and find your favorite artwork with Dirty Hands Free Mind today.


Our Mission

There is a collective need for creators, makers, and artists to have space to create, practice, and experiment to better learn and grow. We seek to not only provide that safe space, but also supply adequate equipment, classes, and mindfulness. There will be a focus on connecting to earth and your inner self by promoting mental wellness, creativity, and environmentalism. 

Our Vision

Long term, we envision a self-sustaining, community inclusive, art retreat on a lovely farm. Since launching Dirty Hands Free Mind our objective is clear, people need more creative space. We want to bring like-minded people together in a safe space where they can learn, grow, connect (to people and earth), experiment, and build their skills and community. 

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